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onhell.website is the official website of the novel

on hell

by Johanna Hedva

And also features

Hundreds of animated leaked government files

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Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
included in I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker
1 May – 4 August 2019

5pm, Sunday, January 26, 2019
Skylight Books
1818 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

7:30pm, Thursday, October 11, 2018
The White Review No. 23 Launch Party
Sadie Coles
London W1K 3D

4:30pm, Friday, November 9, 2018
Jackman Humanities Building
University of Toronto

7pm, Thu, March 8, 2018
To Those Mad, Sick, Crip Selves
reading and conversation with Lara Mimosa Montes
company, 1237 Fourth Street NE, Minneapolis, MN

7pm, Sat, March 10, 2018
reading and conversation with Sara Cluggish
Sector 2337, 2337 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL

7pm, Fri, March 16, 2018
reading and conversation with Constantina Zavitsanos
Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street New York, NY


One of Dennis Cooper's Faves of 2018 --> read it

I mean, fuck. How do we get there, this rooted, brutalized, devastating space where we are forced to experience the capability of language to create a world in which all the noise around you is distortion, escape is a splintered hope, and the performance of life is the performance of bloody meat, existence as persistently crossed and breath an interstitial dream of falling. Fuck, I say, as NIN’s "Starfuckers, Inc" is playing in the back of my head and the swells of this world become the swells of my own blood pumping through my yet-to-be-corpse. Brilliant. Fervent. Unafraid and unapologetic. This text will consume you.
- Janice Lee, author of The Sky Isn’t Blue

It’s fucking brilliant. I’m in love. If there have to be novels, On Hell is what they should do.
- Anne Boyer, author of Garments Against Women and A Handbook of Disappointed Fate

At some point while reading On Hell, I had the sensation that my heart had pushed through my chest, my brain had pushed through my skull, and my guts had pushed through my abdomen, and that I was, in solidarity with Hedva’s writing, wearing my insides on the outside of my body. Only writing this nakedly vulnerable could be this intensely embodied, and only writing this intensely embodied could be this insurrectionary.
- Brandon Shimoda, author of The Desert

On Hell is a story of a 21st-century Icarus-as-hacker, a wild dreamer who builds a set of wings from the internet woods. Hedva writes with fierce clarity on the perimeters of global power and the skyscraper stakes of truth, where “the money is closest to the sun,” and those confined to the prison-yard ground have a bird’s eye view to this endless machine of technology and body mass. This book thrives inside the meat of my terrors and the clouds of my hopes. It’s affirming to read work that recognizes technology as a real-life blood web that has the capacity to both free and enslave the human spirit.
- Nikki Wallschlaeger, author of Crawlspace

Several pages into On Hell I realized the transcription of the despairing, brilliant anti-hero Rafael was fiction. "Nah Mama!" he says to his nameless female interlocutor, never breaking from his obscenity-driven, body-hacking character while unfolding a maybe-allegorical “biography.” The stairway to heaven, I’ve been told, is populated by angels who are both ascending from and descending to earth. In On Hell, like in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire, Hedva brings into question who is wearing the wings. Is it Rafael, whose angry, paranoid diatribes out-shimmy the orders of mental health and the rule of law? Or is it his mostly silent listener, who in receiving his anarchic, post-colonial fantasy loses her objective stance through identification? On Hell is one hell of a post-matrix love story.
- Alexandra Grant, author of The Artists’ Prison

A hundred white-screen articles might never get in your blood like On Hell.
- Overland

Excerpts from On Hell

fucking angel dong

fucking antshitsized brains

fucking anxiety i

fucking anywhere for

fucking architecture and

fucking architecture where

fucking article but

fucking at all

fucking at all

fucking at all

fucking at all

fucking at all

fucking at all

fucking back like

fucking badass because

fucking bam pauses

fucking be brave

fucking be buried

fucking be real

fucking beautiful country

fucking believe in

fucking biggie ants

fucking birds what

fucking black python

fucking bleeding like

fucking bleeding out

fucking blew a

fucking blood my

fucking blood squirting

fucking body are

fucking body intact

fucking book about

fucking book i

fucking boxes for

fucking brown im

fucking building piled

fucking buildings your

fucking called light

fucking candy just

fucking cant stand

fucking car the

fucking cias stonevaulted

fucking clothes there

fucking clue about

fucking computers that

fucking concrete and

fucking concrete up

fucking day with

fucking definition is

fucking deity thats

fucking deleting nuance

fucking dick into

fucking did it

fucking die mama

fucking disabused everyone

fucking do me

fucking dongdrool poetry

fucking drag along

fucking drag so

fucking dreams at

fucking dumbass amateur

fucking education pay

fucking effort to

fucking engine of

fucking entertainment of

fucking everywhere and

fucking eyes out

fucking factories with

fucking fall the

fucking famous laughs

fucking feet and

fucking finally sin

fucking finding ones

fucking fix the

fucking floor and

fucking floor and

fucking fly that

fucking flying through

fucking food out

fucking free space

fucking fullsized glory

fucking funny thing

fucking glowing and

fucking go and

fucking godfucking prisons

fucking good because

fucking good motherfuck

fucking gorgeous arent

fucking got right

fucking got was

fucking government can

fucking gravity in

fucking ground i

fucking ground i

fucking ground i

fucking ground now

fucking growing out

fucking hack they

fucking hacker thats

fucking had wings

fucking hard and

fucking hardcore hahahaha

fucking hate and

fucking have a

fucking heads and

fucking heart tell

fucking her bent

fucking horror movie

fucking hot for

fucking house the

fucking immediately right

fucking immortal bronzed

fucking impossibility that

fucking impossible i

fucking insignificant no

fucking internet for

fucking is like

fucking jumping up

fucking keep their

fucking keeping you

fucking labor line

fucking level just

fucking lice all

fucking life haha

fucking life how

fucking lifted me

fucking like allow

fucking like one

fucking living in

fucking living in

fucking machine i

fucking mad as

fucking made of

fucking made sure

fucking makes everything

fucking mamapump so

fucking man and

fucking masturbated like

fucking mess because

fucking miles of

fucking move my

fucking nail salon

fucking nightmare no

fucking official modafinil

fucking old dirt

fucking on_hell sent

fucking once id

fucking organic as

fucking out come

fucking penetrated the

fucking periodista even

fucking pigs fucking

fucking poetry right

fucking politicians and

fucking pop you

fucking prison shitters

fucking project it

fucking promise me

fucking purpose in

fucking push your

fucking quote unquote

fucking quote unquote

fucking real motherfucking

fucking recorder real

fucking recorder that

fucking refrigerator you

fucking richboy i

fucking ripped a

fucking ripped right

fucking robot but

fucking roosevelt high

fucking said i

fucking shit up

fucking shrink inside

fucking shrivelhole sincere

fucking sick of

fucking singing about

fucking size of

fucking skyscraper of

fucking skyscrapers in

fucking small and

fucking speak their

fucking stand in

fucking stand that

fucking stop up

fucking straight im

fucking stretch this

fucking stupid fucks

fucking sunstrokedpowergodheadlight to

fucking superglue to

fucking symbol i

fucking take me

fucking tear that

fucking thing on

fucking thing that

fucking this applepussy

fucking this birdy

fucking time alright

fucking tired of

fucking toothpick and

fucking track him

fucking trampoline with

fucking transparently cooked

fucking undo command

fucking using a

fucking wait hahahahahahaha

fucking waiting thats

fucking waits for

fucking white parents

fucking wings its

fucking write about